WFI: Dedicated to Human Solidarity The World Free Internet is the Computer Channel for reliable alternative news...

WORLD FREE INTERNET is dedicated to the principle of freedom of expression as a fundamental human right. WFI supports the preservation of the principles of free speech and free press as applied to the Internet. WFI opposes censorship of all kinds, especially the more dangerous kind called influence peddling. WORLD FREE INTERNET is sponsored by the traditional Nation of America, which is a non-partisan social and cultural effort to revive the root humanitarian values of American identity. WFI is looking for regional correspondents who can give live coverage to news events to the WFI audience. As the technology becomes available, the World Free Internet will become a multimedia computer channel, as an alternative source for reliable news. The WFI is affiliated with the Central News Service (CNS), established in 1979, noted as the "Voice of the American Underground."

THE WORLD FREE INTERNET HAS 8 CHANNELS: The Introductory Channel, with an introduction to the traditional American Nation, (sponsor of the WFI), the NEWS Channel, (which is updated regularly); the next Channel -- your DOORWAY TO THE INTERNET -- is a system of GLOBAL LINKS, giving you access to ALL the Websites on the Internet! The fourth channel is a link to a national 501(c)3 public charity, the Mildred Rose Memorial Foundation, Inc. The remaining Channels are for the American National Archive, the HempLinks Website, the Paralegal Service THE JUSTICE CENTER, and the Universal Life Church.

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