How Well Do You Know Your History?


Take this simple test and find out:

1. What did Paul Revere shout as he warned the militia?

2. What Confederate general was a member of George Washington's family by marriage?

3. Who has the right to "bear arms" in the so-called "Bill of Rights"?

4. What minorities supported the British in the U.S. Revolution?

5. Who was the first English monarch of America?

6. What U.S. state is named for the first sovereign of America?

7. Who was New York named after?

8. He signed the Declaration of Independence large enough, reputedly, for the king to see his signature, and he was a major smuggler. What was his name?

9. What kind of tactic did General Washington employ in his only two victories, at Princeton and Trenton?

10. Where did General Washington stay while the Army froze at Valley Forge?

11. What general did President Lincoln fire for emancipating the slaves of Missouri?

12. What was the cause of the Shays Rebellion?

13. What group of Americans were denied the right to vote until 1920?

14. What was the state of Washington, D.C., at the time it became the capital of the republic?

15. What was the purpose of the U.S. Revolution?

16. What was the cause of the New York Draft Riots, during the U.S. Civil War?

17. Which U.S. president was an atheist?

18. What was the official name of "ethnic cleansing" when the Federal Government practiced it against the native Americans?

19. What profession made up the majority at the so-called Constitutional Convention of 1787?

20. What year was slavery prohibited in the British Isles?