Take this easy test:

1. What kind of government prevailed in the United States prior to 1776?

2. What was the primary concern of the Founding Fathers?

3. What president was an attorney, who served as Governor of Virginia, and who believed that the common people were too stupid to be self-governing?

4. What is the loophole in the Constitution of 1787 that allows for candidates for president to be born in a foreign country?

5. Is the Declaration of Independence the "law of the land"?

6. What was the primary issue over which the Civil War was fought?

7. What was the name of the "police action" in Asia, which was not a legal war?

8. How many presidents were elected by the Electoral College, even though their opponent received a majority of the popular vote?

9. In terms of political science, was the American Revolution an insurrection, a rebellion, a civil war, or a revolution?

10. In the Constitutional Amendment abolishing slavery, what is the one exception made that enables legal enslavement?

11. What was the geographical location of those slaves freed under the terms of the Emancipation Proclamation, and were those slaves able to enjoy their freedom immediately upon the issuance of the Proclamation?

12. What was the name of white people during the days of the early republic, who were worked as if they were slaves?

13. Was the American Revolution legal?

14. Who built the White House, official residence of the President of the Republic?

15. Which institution is older? The Federal Government or the U.S. Army?

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