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The real foundation of a free society is in the free exchange of ideas. The worst tyrannies depend on the tight control of information, which authors like Noam Chomsky have identified and documented. In the United States, the mass media always acts to suppress marginalized opinion because it is part of a larger system of social control that is dependent on institutions that had immoral origins. If modern Americans really understood the origins of the slavemaster republic of the Founding Fathers, they would be appalled. For this reason, the origins of the Federal Government have been falsified, so that schoolchildren can be taught about terrorists as if they were heros and saviors!

Most significantly, however, is the fact that in order to perpetuate a lie, the truth must be suppressed. And in the process, many people have their opinions silenced, if not by the deliberate policies of the media to ignore certain people as "nut-cases," then by making the source of suppressed material a "non-person." The reality that this is not on account of any sound scientific or moral basis, but only because free opinion may put some property at risk, is never uttered in public, and can only be circulated by rumor (which undermines its credibility). As proof of this, the individual only needs to examine who owns the media, because it's the same corporate conglomerates that own the three major supermarket chains that sell all the food Americans eat, the insurance companies that own all the hotel and motel chains, and the three or four banks that literally hold all the mortgages for all the homes every American buys and lives in. If consumer confidence goes down, the moneychangers lose a ton of money, and by controlling the only media outlets that exist, they can act directly to minimize the risks of declining consumer attitudes.

Worse yet, when opinions are suppressed, especially opinions that seek to express moral truths, there is a desperation that takes hold in people, who begin to encompass desperate measures for breaking through the "glass ceiling" that keeps their opinions out of the mass media. Nothing justifies violence, but it is not impossible to understand how someone who feels unjustly shut out of the public dialogue, may go to some lengths to be heard. But most significantly, if the Republic is morally sound, why is it afraid of freedom of speech? Why are the institutional leaders of the Republic afraid to allow individuals with unconventional opinions to air their opinions in the media? The leadership of the Republic showers themselves with praise for being lovers of free thought, yet they go to great lengths to avoid having to deal with the effects of free thought, by making it impossible for individuals to be heard. THEN ON TOP OF IT, THEY CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY AMERICANS CONSTANTLY COMPLAIN THAT NO ONE IN HIGH PLACES SEEMS TO BE LISTENING TO THEM. The leadership's remedy: No changes of substance, only mass media campaigns with slogans like, "We're listening!"

America has a serious problem. The bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Building was a sign of the real damage being done by the system of information control being exercised by the mass media in the United States. Terrorist acts are symptomatic of oppression, when no other avenue for expression is available. In the case of the Unabomber, how many lives could have been saved, if the New York Times had published the Unabomber's manifesto a couple of decades earlier, simply because it had been submitted to them? That may sound outlandish, especially considering the value of ad space in the New York Times, but aren't the lost human lives worth something? So much attention is spent in American society learning new ways to avoid each other's opinions; isn't it about time that we Americans become better acquainted with each other? Negative and stereo-type opinions can only come into existence in a vacuum, where there is no real personal knowledge that would contradict those opinions, and that is where the media is only too gleefully willing to jump in, to form our opinions for us, and then decline to take any responsibility for that influence. Ultimately we are responsible for ourselves -- each for him or her self -- but we are also part of a greater community, the community of the nation, and the community of the human race, and our real loyalties must rest in those greater self-interests.

The World FREE Internet is proud to announce a new section, called the Community Bulletin Board. This Bulletin Board is available for all community groups throughout the world, who want some space to express their opinions and positions. The only pre-requisite that we believe is important to abide by, is that no hate groups will be able to use this space to spread any kind of message that is overtly hate-based. However, unlike Thomas Jefferson, the World FREE Internet has faith in the average person, that he or she is intelligent enough to inform themselves and to make a morally sound decision, because people in general are fundamentally good and decent. This space is also not available for political parties, or political candidates, because until the Restoration is effective, and a parliamentarian system of government is installed, the elections of the republic are inherently invalid, and the WFI does not want to contribute to the perpetuation of a corrupt electoral system.



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