Regarding The Presidential Election of 2000

1:18:13 PM Friday, January 12, 2001

On January 20th, a president of the United States will be sworn in who lost the popular vote, but who will take office after winning election in the Electoral College. This is hard evidence that the republic in the United States is not a democratic institution. As a consequence of the unseemly brawl between the Democrats and the Republicans over the White House, it became public knowledge that voter irregularities are so widespread and systematic that American democracy has been exposed to be a sham.

Police actually stopped some registered voters from exercising their right to vote. In other instances prospective voters were turned away from the polls, after being told that they were felons, despite the fact that these people had never even been arrested in their entire lives! In many places votes simply just weren't counted, especially absentee ballots, for so many reasons that ultimately, we can surmise, that they were not counted for ANY reason other than to fraudulently effect the outcome of the election. In the eyes of the world the United States is no better than a banana republic, and if that doesn't bother you, it should. The politics of the republic have been opened up for the world to see the corruption, the vote-buying, the influence peddling. The shameless bankruptcy of American democracy has been highlighted so brilliantly, that our credibility has been shaken to its roots. Now the loser of the majority of American support, has been elected to the highest office in the country, under the rules of a Constitution that can no longer hide behind a curtain of lies.

This republic was founded by slavemasters, and that imprint is still visible on the government the Constitution of this republic gives power to. Every day we suffer under the regime the slavemasters set upon the backs of our ancestors, whose burden we inherited and which we must bear with the countenance of slaves and servants. Any American who suggests a heritage of rights from common law and tradition is made to suffer from the cuts of a thousand wagging tongues. The criticism of pundits and puritans, who the media cartels give air-time to because they can rely on the loyalty of these employees, despite the fact that these cartels abandon objective truth for sloganeering that justifies their control of the information through media by merger.

The media - the press - has always been conducted as a business interest in north America, even in the earliest days of newspapers; and it has always pandered to the establishment of the republic, to influence the American public to support an institution that has never had a reason for being other than to employ public authority for the use of commerce.

What drove the founding fathers was not any love of freedom, but the naked desire to enrich themselves at the expense of others. They were possessed of no noble vision, for despite their elitism, they were nothing more than smugglers, plantation owners and slavemasters. Nobility and self-sacrifice for the good of the country and the national interest of the people was repugnant to the framers of the Constitution of the republic, and now the product of their anti-democratic values is a president who does not represent a majority of the American people, an ANTI-president, if you will.

Those who think we can tamper with this creaking wreck of a constitution, and patch it up and make it work, are ignorant of history. This republic is doomed, through its origin by slavemasters, through its corrupt two-party monopoly on power, and by its suppression of the popular will. If you think this is the BEST the American people deserve, then you don't think very much of the American people.

There WAS a constitution in America before 1776 that provided the law and justice necessary for Americans to become rich and secure. We can reclaim that heritage, if we can accept the truth of history that we have been lied to, and the president is NOT the most qualified man to lead the free American Nation. The power is in us, the people of the United States of America, in our resolve to go beyond the grim promise of the republic and its prisons.

Our rights are possessed by us through tradition and common law in the community of the ancient inalienable kingdom, outside of the power of the republic and its police to control. If we reclaim our rights and protections, and ancient loyalty to traditional institutions of common law, we can reclaim the promise of our country to be a beacon of freedom for the people of the world. Stand up and reclaim your rights!